Global Glassworks also offer a wide range of doors for your property.

Below are some of the different types that we offer.

Patio Doors

Patio Doors are built with the same security and thermal features in mind as uPVC Front Doors, homeowners can rest assured knowing they will keep the family warm and safe. For all styles of Patio Doors you can choose from a wide range of colours and finishes, including a combination of using wood-grain effect on the external surface and white uPVC on the inside.

UPVc doors

For you and for any visitor to your home, the entrance will be where first impressions are made. however, it is also where unwanted guests can make their entrance – not only intruders (70% of all burglars enter through a door) but also draughts and noise. Security and energy saving are two important features.

Security is provided by the inclusion of multi-point locks, which feature "Hooks & Claws" that slide into place one the doors is locked and a virtually impossible to defeat from the outside.
Although "brilliant white" gives the classic look, choosing a special finish or colour could make all the difference and turn you door into a grand entrance. Many of these colours come in Wood effect,  the effect is added as part of the manufacturing process, which means it's permanent and won't peel off or fade.

Bi Fold Doors

Once opened, the doors fold in a way that stacks them to the side of the opening, giving a considerably larger clear area than any other style of patio door. You can choose whether the doors stack to the right or left of the opening or even if they stack inside or outside.

As you may tell from the name, the special feature of this design is the sliding / folding action. The doors (or leaves) themselves are linked together by hinges and set into guide rails at the top and bottom.

Frameless glass doors

Not only are they a designer's dream but they're the same size as standard doors, so you can simply replace your existing doors with no fuss.
Frameless glass doors are a stylish and contemporary option and are ideal for use where additional light is required in a room.
The frameless glass door is a truly unique product because it is fully retractable but also gives 100% clear glass views, with no bulky frames

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