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Our bespoke handcrafted glass balustrades, make your hall or balcony a focal point. With our exclusive design systems we can transform your humble home into a fabulous designer statement, that brings added lifestyle and value to your living space.

Glass balustrades can be frameless or glazed, into a stainless steel or timber balustrade system.

Glassworks in-house team will carry out a site survey, and will draw up the necessary working drawings and specifications to meet your requirements. All balustrade and handrail systems are designed to comply with relevant current regulations, and we use the best in bespoke stainless steel in all types of balustrades glazing scenarios.

Glass clamp systems

  • Being the most versatile, the glass clamp system can be used for most applications.
  • They are ideal for use on staircases and balconies
  • Usually incorporated into a steel or timber post framed system
  • The system uses toughened and laminated glass of various thickness.
  • Can be used inside and outside the home.

Garden and outside Balustrades

Designed to compliment and enhance all kinds of garden decking or layout. Glass Panels & Balustrade immediately offers a high level and distinction and elegance to any deck. Since the balustrades rails are the focal point of any decking or wall, the ability to use glass adds an additional level of sophistication.

Side Fixed Balustrades:

  • This is the ideal solution for those staircase or landings where space and light is restricted.
  • Seamless suspension of brilliant sheets of diagonal and horizontal glass. A practical concept of design.
  • The floating glass balustrade is also suitable for balconies where no fixing detail is visible and it may be applied to any structure when fixed into concrete or steel.

Q_Rail systems:

  • Global Glassworks use this innovative dry glaze, frameless glass balustrade system for the ultimate sophisticated look.
  • The Taper-Locâ„¢ glass balustrade system is designed for use in commercial and domestic applications
  • The system uses toughened or laminated glass. Global glassworks typically uses 12mm, 15mm or 19mm glass but it can be up to 25.52mm thick.
  • The dry glaze system means there is no need for cement
  • The system allows for adjustment, dismantling or replacement of the glass panels
  • The system can easily be fitted with a handrail if required.